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Speed & Agility
An essential to develop proper sprint mechanics and provide techniques to improve speed and agility. Our sessions utilize field drills focusing on acceleration, multi-planar change of direction, and sport specific techniques. Drills progress from simple speed and agility movement patters to reactive stimuli, mimicking game reactions.  Sessions Improve:
                      Speed Mechanics       Deceleration       Explosive Power       Agility       Core Strength
                      Balance                         Flexibility           Acceleration              Speed         Conditioning
                      Injury Prevention       Functional Strength                                                           

Strength & Power
Our primary means of increasing an athlete's explosive strength.  These sessions are age appropriate and are designed to give our athletes a functional strength base from which to increase their performance. Sessions incorporate plyometrics to increase explosiveness and utilize a variety of free weights, bands, chains, ropes, and sleds to increase strength, muscle mass, and increase joint integrity.

Team Training
Boost Fitness offers a host of comprehensive services that can benefit your team.  We can provide your team with warm-ups, multi-faceted performance training, strength and conditioning consulting, and practice design.  Boost Fitness is your one stop shop for all your team training needs.
Boost's Team Training can help your team in the following areas:
  • Increase Team Cohesion
  • Increase Practice Efficiency
  • Increase Team Conditioning
  • Develop and Implement a Strength and Conditioning Program
Youth Training
Boost is proud to offer our Youth Functional Fitness for youngsters 12 and under.
Youth Functional Fitness are classes designed specifically for younger athletes and children (12 and under) to increase motor skill development, spatial awareness, and increase athletic attributes.  Classes incorporate calisthenics, balance, core, and flexibility training in a fun and positive environment.
With Boost's Youth Functional Fitness you will see increases in:
Functional Strength Coordination Excessive Weight Management
Postural Alignment Social Skills            Focus and Attentiveness

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