Boost Fitness
                                                   We Bring Fitness to you
The trend for corporate fitness is slowly growing and corporations are starting to realize that the investment they make with a on-site fitness program pays dividends several times over in the long run. The goal of our Corporate Fitness Program is to educate companies and organizations about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and it's effect on the bottom line.  We provide cutting edge training and programming to motivate people to become physically active and cultivate a healthy lifestyle which  can be sustained for their entire life.  

A few of the benefits of a Corporate Fitness Program include
  • Increased Performance & Productivity
  • Reduced Tardiness & Absenteeism
  • Lower Health Care Costs - Happy and educated employees who will make healthier decisions
  • Increased Employee Relations & Morale
  • Appeal to Top Talent During Recruitment Process
We cater to all levels of fitness from beginner to advanced.  Through years of experience companies and organizations of all sizes will experience the benefits listed above.  Our Corporate Fitness Program identifies employee risk factors, educates your employees and implements the tools to help them achieve permanent lifestyle changes.  Boost Fitness can help your company stay in good physical and fiscal shape, enabling you to be competitive in the business world.

Details for training, including time and location, can be negotiated to best suit you.

To receive our corporate fitness power point presentation, find out more details, or schedule a complimentary consultation , click on out Contact Us page and fill out the form.  Someone will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

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